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Most investors are attracted to high-potential startups. Creating a well-planned structure provides you and your early investors clarity about your business goals. Calculate your funding needs, start a business plan, evaluate your financial health, and research funding options.

Seed funding is the capital a business raises to begin its operations. It is the first official funding that helps a startup invest in key areas such as product research, branding and marketing, and reaching the target audience.

An Angel investor provides capital to support early-stage startups. They look for startups with a promising vision and a well-structured plan in their seed or Series A investing rounds.

There can be many stages depending on the business’s growth and scalability. It starts with ‘Pre-seed funding’ where the capital is invested from the owner’s wealth, family and relatives, friends or anyone capable enough to invest in the idea. Then comes ‘Seed Funding’, the first official funding. Once the seed fund is utilised, ‘Series A funds’ are delivered for product expansion and building a customer base. Finally, we have ‘Series B, C, and D’ rounds where the capital is utilised for product development, hiring more employees and the final influx of investment to achieve the desired goal.

It starts with a business plan, providing a blueprint with long-term and short-term strategies. Further, you need a business name for registration and licenses, the type of ownership structure you require, business registration with legal or state authorities, and sorting out legal documentation, including permits. The final requirement is funding in the form of grants, loans and personal investments.

Start with determining a business idea and identifying your target audience. This will allow you to comprehend the focus area of your product, the service you should offer, and competitor details. Another important aspect is to learn online business licenses and permits. Online platforms such as websites and social media pages are crucial for a strong business presence. Once the product and platform are ready, it’s time to promote your business using social media, influencer and content marketing, google advertising and several other ways to target your customer.

You need to be prepared with a few critical questions during a 30 seconds pitch – Information about your company, scalability of your business, market size and potential customers for your product. 

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