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Solis Capital & Ventures is one of the most trusted venture capital companies in Gurgaon. As one of the most sought after business accelerators in Gurgaon, we invest in early-stage startups. We have comprehensive business accelerator programs. Our accelerator program includes providing startups with the initial capital, training and mentorship for kickstarting their successful launch. We usually take a small portion in the equity of the startup and in return provide them with seed funding, office spaces and other sources. We have been instrumental in launching a lot of successful startups. We extend our aid to those tech-driven startups that have the potential to create a high impact. Our educated experts will also assist you in connecting with businesses that invest in startups, allowing you to put your ideas into action in an organised manner. As a digital business accelerator, we provide young entrepreneurs with life-changing insights, and the potential to scale, as well as the opportunity to compete with India’s best entrepreneurs.

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What is a Business Accelerator?

Business accelerators invest in early-stage and start-up companies and offer short-term mentoring and training. A Business Accelerator’s long-term goals are to assist enterprises in developing and becoming profitable as rapidly as possible. Offer a return on investment (ROI).

Business Accelerator

Our business incubators and accelerators program is designed to empower startups with the right skills for rapid growth and scalability. Through this program, you can learn practical lessons gathered from real-life business scenarios under the guidance of pioneers from different industries. The curriculum is designed for the digital world, where we teach you the skills to harness the power of innovation and ingenuity. We teach you the intricacies of running a successful business and soon you will be able to direct your growth to be among the top startups in India. On top of accelerating the growth of your business, we provide you access to a rich and strong network of startup leaders, venture capitalists, subject matter experts, and outside investors. As one of the top business accelerators in Gurugram, will work with you, as your partner, to drive growth and reach a sustainable business size, making your business investment-ready. For early-stage companies, we also offer seed investments and access to a community of mentors and business experts in lieu of a small-part ownership of your company. So, if you are a high-impact, tech-savvy and creative entrepreneur, come join our program to take your business to the next level.

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