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Early Growth Stage In Entrepreneurship

We are a Startup Business Incubator

Solis Capital & Ventures is an innovation continuum that incubates, mentors, and invests in early-stage startup companies and visionary entrepreneurs. As one of the best business incubators in India, we have mentored hundreds of founders, incubated numerous startups and offered impetus to innovative entrepreneurs that propelled their startups to unprecedented heights.
We have the best business incubation centre in India, comprising industry experts, managers, technical specialists and many more. Our catalysing resources (financing, infrastructure, business advisory etc.) help founders to understand the potential of their startups and realise their dreams.
Our core team has decades of experience in supporting entrepreneurs via VC funding and incubation. We are a business incubator in India offering a plethora of incubation services that includes business planning, tech support, IPR assistance, legal aid and much more.

Business Incubators in India

What is a Business Incubator?

Business incubators are those institutions that provide support to founders so that they can develop and grow their startup into a profitable business. Incubator program is usually for early-stage startups. These incubation programs turbo-charge the growth and profitability of startups. Early-stage startups start to see revenue generation quite early when they have business incubators and accelerators by their side. Typically, incubation is carried out by organisations with backgrounds in technology and business.
Incubation support can comprise providing resources like technology and initial growth capital. As an entrepreneur, you will also benefit immensely from the intangible resources you will receive in the form of mentorship and networking. Some of the other resources that a startup can expect are co-working spaces, advisory support and laboratory facilities. By choosing to opt for a business incubator, you can gain access to capital from government bodies, angel investors, venture capitalists etc.

Business Incubators in India

How Do Business Incubators in India Work?

Business incubators like us offer a variety of services. Incubators can be from different specialisations or business types. Typically, these services provide access to:

  • Mentors with significant experience in the field
  • Business planning along with technical support
  • Strategic guidance on business development, pivot, recruitment, and production
  • Access to workspace/ co-working space

Early-growth Stage Startup & Business Incubation Centre

To provide assistance to early-stage startups, we have taken up a business incubator program. This helps the startup businesses to overcome the hindrances that come with finance, product management as well as growth. We nurture startups and nudge them in the right direction to develop their powerful idea into a viable product. Because of this, we are regarded as one of the schools for startups. We also support founders of startups that lack expertise managing venture capital firm backed startups. or addressing legal and pragmatic issues related to organisational structure. Our support also goes towards those startups that face legal and practical issues related to organisational structure.

We are a technology business incubator as well as a small business incubator. Through our incubator initiative, new businesses can establish a network of investors and mentors and receive the early organisational exposure they require. We hold growth-oriented workshops that connect you with like-minded investors and provide the greatest infrastructure for implementing your business concepts.

Business Incubators in Gurgaon

The organisational structure developed with the aid of Solis Capital & Ventures allows it to concentrate on its core competencies. One of the incubator’s most vital advantages is the chance to connect with a large network of people from the same niche. Because of our background in entrepreneurship, our advisors have been able to refine the visions, strategies, and roadmaps of the startups. As one of the top business incubators in Delhi NCR, we are eager to support the growth of more innovative businesses.