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Solis Capital & Ventures is a distinguished venture capital in Gurgaon renowned for facilitating dynamic founders in their entrepreneurial journey right from seed stage to scaling.
We closely partner with entrepreneurs and invest early to make sure that we supercharge their businesses to new heights. As top venture capital in Gurgaon, we back those remarkable disruptors from India who we expect to create the next wave of revolution.
We believe in India’s growth story. The economy, in our opinion, is currently in a position to support major value accretion throughout capital venture portfolios. As the market of venture capital in Gurgaon resets, Solis Capital & Ventures endeavours to take some focused investments in a few distinctive, tech-enabled companies.
We’ll partner up with you if we think your business has the ‘It’ factor. Our commitment lies in helping early-stage startup investors comprehend the nuances of the market, formulate strategies, and assess investment opportunities. Our battle-tested strategies have made us one of the best early stage venture capital firms in India.


Year of Establishment

100 Years

Total Team Experience


Number of Cities

$ 5Mn


What is Venture Capital?

Venture capital is a type of private equity funding that firms and funds give to newly founded, early-stage, and developing businesses that they believe have significant development potential. They also provide this to those businesses that have shown notable growth in terms of the number of employees, annual revenue, operational scope, etc.

Solis Capital & Ventures Has a Robust & Dynamic Team of Professionals

To assist entrepreneurs in becoming more scalable, Solis Capital and Ventures, a venture company in Delhi NCR, offers mentorship, advisory services, and strategic consulting. The organisation partners with successful business owners, potential wealth creators, and leaders of the new economy in an effort to outperform the state of the market. Because of our extensive industry experience, we are able to provide our clients unbiased, customised, and responsible solutions.

Features of Solis Capital & Ventures as a Venture Fund

  • Our primary focus is on funding start-ups who are struggling to get funding since their inception.
  • To get a consistent return for our sources, this financing might also be loan-based (we also provide financing via inconvertible debt securities).
  • As a venture company in Gurgaon, we do long-term investing in businesses that have serious growth prospects. As we work together in trenches with the startup founders, the businesses see rapid expansions in short periods of time.

Our Services

Incubator Program

Our incubator programme provides a wide range of services to help startups and individual entrepreneurs expand their businesses, from office space and management training to bagging future financing..

Accelerator Program

We are a venture company in India and offer an accelerator program. Our accelerator program is designed to aid existing businesses in their quick expansion. We often provide funding in exchange for a partial ownership ..


We help in mergers and acquisitions. Solis Capital & Ventures makes sure that business transactions involve the transfer or consolidation of ownership of businesses with another business entity..

Why Choose Us

Process Oriented
Technology Driven
Trained Team
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We are One of the Top Venture Capital Firms in India

Solis Capital & Ventures is one of the most reputed early-stage venture capital firms in India. We offer venture capital funds to startups that have the potential to grow and prosper. Our commitment remains to aid early-stage startups so that they understand the complexities of markets. Based on that, the startups will be able to strategise and analyse investment opportunities. We have a team of seasoned professionals who provide the best industry mentorship pertaining to startup investment and entrepreneurship. Our deep knowledge and multiple industry experience make us the perfect partner for early-stage startups.

As a VC, we firmly believe in startup investing in India. Our beliefs lie in that early-stage startups can become potential wealth creators. They will become the flag bearers of the new-age economy. We dive deep when we partner up with a startup. As we have already iterated, we worxk in the trenches with the entrepreneurs. Our partner entrepreneurs get strategic guidance so that they can pivot, scale, and outperform the current markets. We make sure our solutions and mentorship are unbiased and market agnostic. The mentors will always provide responsible solutions to the startups. As one of the best venture capital companies, we assist early-stage businesses in raising money. We also offer financial consulting services along with early-stage business funding.

Funding for Startup Businesses

We have a solid network of angel investors who provide funding for startup businesses. With our help, startups with growth potential can maximise their startup valuation as well as minimise risk. With our venture capital solutions, you can easily find a growth hacker for your firm. This is because we provide all-inclusive solutions for many types of entrepreneurial endeavours. We envisage to aid visionary entrepreneurs to realise their dreams by providing them with meaningful resources. This will help in creating a long-lasting impact.
As a venture capital firm in India, we try to stay up-to-date with the most recent advancements in technology. As one of the leading venture capital firms, we are confident that our commitment to excellence will enable us to assist you in expanding your business.

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